Okay so now you have a fibre connection from your ISP and want to get the best possible coverage in your home but you don’t have great Wifi ?

There are various factors that can adversely affect your Wifi signal.

Important points to consider when planning your router installation in order to get the best out of your Wifi

Install your router in a central position, bear in mind that we install Cat5e/Cat6 ethernet cable between your router and (AP) access point to extend your coverage. Consider the cable management and hiding the unsightly cables.

The following factors can affect your wifi’s coverage :Walls, concrete slabs, steel reinforcing, wood, glass ,water features, fish tanks ,baby monitors, microwaves and portable phones, and even people yes even people absorb signal , so think of high traffic areas that may also effect signal.

Do not leave your router on the floor it should be elevated at least 1 meter off the ground.

Your neighbours might be on the same channel especially if you live in high density buildings.

We install Ubiquiti WIFI access points to give you better coverage in your home. In simple terms it replicates your wifi and places it in another area to give you a bigger wifi foot print.  These aesthetically pleasing enterprise AP’s are installed on your ceiling with cable hidden inside the roof.